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Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 6.51.03 PM.png

Cayleigh + Scott

Getting to be a part of this amazing couples day at one of the most beautiful indoor / outdoor venues we've seen this year was truly a joy. They radiated love and spent the day laughing and dancing with friends and family. Cayleigh and Scott have a big support team and they were all so thrilled for them both. Congratulations!

Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 7.08.38 PM.png

Ali + Evan

Ali and Evan were more beautiful than a fairytale. The Cinderella collection was absolutely made for Ali and Evan was so thrilled to marry his real life princess. Their love for their family shone bright and their dance moves were incredible! We were so amazed to be a part of this day!

michelle and cam photo from wedding film done by k&n mediagroup in portland oregon

Michelle + Cam

An incredible journey with an amazing couple in the cutest spot by the water! Michelle and Cam were are a perfect pair that just radiate cool. It was obvious that family and friends mean the world to them both and capturing that on film was so much fun! 

trevor and aubrey wedding in beautiful white barn in la grande oregon followed by a casino party stunning disney wedding video

Trevor + Aubrey

Aubrey + Trevor so obviously bring joy and light to every room they enter. It's seeing love like this that secures our belief that every once in a while, the universe sprinkles a little extra magic in the air. With the perfect Disney inspired theme and so much raw emotion, we knew this was true love from the start.

jasmine and colin wedding film light and romantic wedding film in oregon

Jasmine + Colin

Two absolutely stunning souls that we had the pleasure of meeting. Jasmine and Colin were so obviously over the moon for one another and could not wait to get married! Filming their celebration made it obvious how much they care about family and how excited they are looking to start their own. ​

tanisha and daryl wedding day in washington at beautiful summer venue video

Tanisha + Daryl

All around stunning! These two were full of laughter and joy on their wedding day and were the absolute life of the party to be around! Their taste was impeccable from the table napkins, to the incredible venue! Congratulations love birds! 

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