Where are you located?

    - Salem, OR

Will you travel for my wedding?

    - I am more than happy to travel within 50 miles for free.  And any further than that would be quoted. I am more than happy to work with you on finding creative travel solutions. 

How many times will you meet with me before the wedding? 

    - We will typically meet once, but virtual communication is unlimited. 


Are there a certain number of phone calls permitted? 

    - No. You can call or text me as many times as you like and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


How do you communicate with clients?

    - My preferred method of contact is email. If you like to text or call though, that's wonderful too. 


Do you work with a team?

    - Yes, I do have back up coordinators and assistants available should anything unexpected occur, or i we just need some extra hands. 


Will you set up our personal items at the ceremony and reception? (guest books, photos, toasting flutes, cake cutting pieces, favors, escort/place cards, signs, etc.) 

    - Yes, I can help set up some personal items and I also offer to design your get ready spaces with any decorations you may           want in there for optimal photos.

What time will you arrive on my wedding day? 

    - I will arrive as early as you need me there. We can discuss this during planning.


Will you provide vendor recommendations? 

    - I do have a few vendor recommendations. They are however, all subject to availability.


Will you be at the rehearsal? 

    - Yes, of course! You get the people who need to be at the rehearsal there, and I will do the rest! 

How will you be dressed? 

    - I will typically be dressed in some sort of a business casual wear with a blazer unless otherwise requested.


Will you coordinate delivery, arrival and set up time with vendors directly?

    - I will not be setting up these schedules with your vendors, however, I will be confirming them a week before the event.


What do you need from me before the wedding?

    - I will need the filled out planning packet I send you, and to have completed our "planning" meeting. I will also need any personal items that you want me to set day of. These items typically can be received at the rehearsal. 


Will you bring an emergency kit?

    - Of course! And it will have EVERYTHING!